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About Us

Bill Ferris- Co-Owner/CEO/CFO/Founder/Jack of All Trades

Bill really is the “does it all” of the business. He is known for his hard work ethic that he has carried on from his own father and grandfather. Because of his hard work ethic, he truly values employees’ hard work, honesty, and accountability, making sure he always has a great team. He takes pride in being efficient, honest, and detailed in what he does, giving the customer the best provided service above and beyond. Bill is thankful for his co-owner and wife by his side to be able to make decisions of the business together, though he kind of had to give her that title or else she might quit! In Bill’s off time, not that it’s much, he loves to spend time with his family (grandchildren in particular) and friends in activities that take his mind away from work for once. A couple of his favorite tv shows are, King of Queens, and The Ranch.

Leslie Ferris- Co-Owner/Office Manager/Sales

Leslie is involved in most all aspects of the business. On a daily basis she handles sales, customer service, employee management, payroll, advertising, marketing, and much more. Leslie is a jack of all trades; she would even climb a ladder if the staff needed extra help on the job! She believes that the most important values in co-owning a business is commitment, honesty, and loyalty. She loves being a co-owner with her husband because they are a great team and always stand by each other’s side in each decision. Let’s put it this way, she has the hardest job in the company, she’s married to Bill! In her off hours, you can catch her watching the Good Doctor, New Amsterdam, or Billions, and she loves spending time with her family.

Shelby McLaughlin- Office Manager

Shelby being a mom of two children and one of them having special needs really brings something different to the company. She handles everything from customer service, sales, marketing, and anything Bill needs a right hand with. Shelby feels that hard work, confidence, and perseverance are important values to have in life and in working for the company. When she is not working you can catch her spending time with her family, bike riding, or crafting. A couple of Shelby’s favorite shows are, A Million Little Things, and America Ninja Warrior.

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